There is a better solution to pain!

There’s hardly a person I have ever met or even known about that hasn’t experienced some form of pain in their life. It seems pain is part of the human experience and that many people will spend their whole lives seeking ways to ameliorate it.   Is there a better solution to pain than drugs,Continue reading “There is a better solution to pain!”

Why Do We Heal?

Why Do We Heal? A few weeks ago I cut my thumb carving on a piece of wood. There was blood, pain and tissue damage.  Aside from feeling stupid for not taking a better precaution for cutting wood with a sharp knife, I was feeling grateful for it not being worse than it could haveContinue reading “Why Do We Heal?”


Static I remember when I was a boy, and you will remember as well, I tried to dial in the radio to listen to my favorite stations.  The crackle and pop of each station we passed over was an indicator we were getting close to just the right position on the dial. Once there weContinue reading “Static!%#$#*”