Non-manipulative care, great for pain sensitive peopleManipulation  soreness, side-effects can occur 
Highly individualized careGeneralized manipulations and drugs that can mask underlying causes
Address the cause of emotional, physiological, physical and neurological disordersAddress symptoms only
Preventive careSymptom based care
Symptoms not necessary for treatmentSymptom based care
Modern scientific approach (validated scientific research)Outdated techniques and procedures
Address wide variety of health disorders Address musculoskeletal/pain disorders 
Drugless treatmentToxic drugs or medicines with dangerous side-effects 
Treatment directed to root causeSymptom based care
Holistic integrative approachSegmental approach 
30 to 60 min routine treatment5 to 7 min routine treatment 
1 visit per week typical2 to 4 visits per week typical 
30 min visit $1255 to 7 minute visit $40 to $70
No insurance hassles Insurance hassles (visit limits, non-payment issues, restrictive care, etc.)
You choose the amount of care you wantRestrictive care
Nutritional and emotional support Manipulations, drugs, medicine only
X-rays not mandatory for treatmentX-rays are routine part of treatment (radiation exposure risk)

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Dr Russell Tagg, is a 1992 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Certified Masters level for Neurologic Integration System (NIS). Practicing in Kennewick, WA, USA

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