New Client Introductory Offer (In office One Hour at Kennewick Office Only)$97
Home Visit $170
New Client Visit (one Hour)$225
Follow-up Visit (Half Hour)$125
Follow-up Visit (One Hour)$225
Phone consultation (15 minutes).Comp
Vancouver Client (Saturday only)$145

See what some of our clients have to say

"After four sessions I had my daily headaches and lower back aches dissipate and have continued to feel better without needing weekly visits to continue feeling better like in the past with chiropractic work. It's definitely a different mindset in the fact that Dr. Tagg digs to find the root of the problem and fix it rather than just putting a band-aide over the issue. I am 100% satisfied with the results and would recommend anyone who wants to fix the real problem to give Dr. Tagg a call and see how amazing you can feel after a month and how much longer you will feel better."


"After 8 sessions with Dr. Tagg, I finally see progress in the healing of an ulcer of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (tropical disease), which I have had since September 2019. I did several treatments before this with little or no results. Now it has finally healed. I definitely recommend Dr. Tagg's treatment."

Natalia O

"I can't recommend Dr. Tagg enough. Through 25-years of ongoing back and shoulder pain and countless thousands of dollars spent on hundreds of visits that rarely helped, I couldn't be happier with the outcome of my treatments. It's a breath of fresh air to have therapy that is not only pain-free but focuses on the root of my health issues and not just the symptoms. The progress has been terrific. His approach is caring and kind and I've found the treatments to be extremely helpful. Plus I've been surprised at how quickly I've felt relief. I would highly recommend Dr. Tagg to anyone with chronic or acute pain!"

Todd F.

"I had my first therapy in December 2019, as Dr Russell visited Colombia. Now I have continued with the therapies in a virtual way. What surprises me most, although the distance is that without saying anything he always is very precise with the diagnosis. After each therapy I feel the healing effects. Both therapies (in person and in the distance) I have felt the positive and good effects over my body. I feel it is important to be recurrent with the therapies to be able to heal. It's like an onion effect, peeling sheets of what I have in my body. Every time after the therapy I feel a subtle positive difference in my physical and emotional state. I assist a friend with her therapy as its needed because of the distance. She had a tropical disease (Leishmaniasis) and it has been amazing to see how she has been evolving and healing as she had a terrible wound in her leg. I have no doubt of the healing effects of this therapy and with the professional treatment that Dr Russel gives to his patience's. He has an eye, experience, knowledge and intuition to heal."

Ivonne V