What is Neurological Integration System (NIS)?

Neurological Integration System is based on the neurophysiological foundation that the brain (not the mind) dictates all body functions.

Think of your nervous system as the director of a movie called "Your Body", precisely directing and controlling your body's functions right down to the cellular level. To be successful, the director must have excellent communication to create sustainable health, and when messaging breakdowns between your nervous system and your body occur, problems can arise.

Your brain is constantly receiving signals and information from every part of your body. Once received, the brain then sends that information back with adjustments to your muscles, organs, tendons and even your cells.

Neurological Integration System is an investigative practice using treatment methodology that helps both isolate and then correct flaws in your cellular communications and address the root of the issues, not merely the symptoms. Practicing NIS, e are able to identify these signals and help restore them to functioning as they were intended. Call our chiropractors in Kennewick, WA to learn more!

How it works?

Symptoms are just that: symptoms. But getting to the root cause can best be resolved through NIS techniques and strategies. Our bodies are extremely sophisticated and our nervous system was designed to intuitively know how our ailments can be improved.

When and where did NIS begin?

NIS was first developed by Allan Phillips D.O from New Zealand in 1987. It incorporates the principles of current neuroscience as well as traditional healing techniques, as well as acupuncture and East Asian Medicine.