Why Do We Heal?

Why Do We Heal?



Why Do We Heal?

A few weeks ago I cut my thumb carving on a piece of wood. There was blood, pain and tissue damage.  Aside from feeling stupid for not taking a better precaution for cutting wood with a sharp knife, I was feeling grateful for it not being worse than it could have been. 

In a matter of only 2-3 weeks the cut almost fully healed. There is still a small scar at the site of the healing but in general there is no pain, no blood and no more tissue damage. 

Why did it heal?  Have you ever stopped to wonder why we heal when we have an injury or a problem? Is it magic? Is it the super cute ninja bandaid we used? Is it my good luck charm?  It isn’t any of them…or is it?

It healed all by itself because that’s what our body does when there’s a problem. We don’t have to think about it, we don’t have to hope for the best, we don’t even have to use cute bandaids (but using cute bandaids can keep dirt out of the wound and generally amuse us while we’re healing.)

Healing is an inside job. Healing occurs because our bodies were designed to heal themselves, even in spite of what we might think or do. Our body is self-healing, self-regulating, self-monitoring and in general takes care of it self. 

So if our body is so smart, so self-healing and so self-regulating, why does it seem that sometimes we don’t heal and stay sick or injured?

The answer lies within. Our innate wisdom uses the brain and nervous system to direct and control ALL normal functions of the body. One of the reasons we stay stuck in ill health and chronic pain is a breakdown in communication between the nervous system and the body. This breakdown in communication makes it difficult for the brain to talk with the body and the body to talk with the brain. When this happens, the body can’t respond as it should to adapt to certain conditions and often begins to have disfunction. 

This breakdown can be caused from, injury, trauma, viral and bacterial infections, stress, poor nutrition and stinkin’ thinkin’.  Our healing potential dramatically improves the moment this neurologic breakdown is corrected. We use a completely safe, non-manipulative procedure based on neuro-science called neurologic integration to help the body establish better nerve communication and better health. 

We invite you to experience for yourself and unleash the healing potential in your body. Click here to schedule an appointment or to schedule a free video or telephone consultation. 

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