My Covid Experience

My Covid Experience



I tested positive for Covid a few weeks ago and yes, I got really sick. I had fever, chills, muscle soreness, headaches, fatigue and it lasted for several days. 

I feel grateful my natural immune response was swift and robust. There are three keys I feel that helped my immune system maximize its potential. 

Number one, rest. With 10 days of isolation I literally laid down, slept, and rested the whole time. I got bored, frustrated and antsy to go back to my work but resting was essential for my recovery.

Number two, nutrition. I drank plenty of water, had fresh food and clean meats and no sugar at all. Also a variety of vitamins and nutritional supplements were helpful.

Number three, a healthy nervous system. My neurology was fully integrated and working to its maximum capacity. Neurologic integration has protocols specific to identify and correct the breakdown in communication for all the major neurologic pathways. This addresses viral and bacterial infections, trauma, inflammation, digestive issues and many others others. 

Think about if this helped me get over a severe viral infection, how it could help a myriad of health complaints.

We welcome you to experience for yourself the transformative power of your nervous system with neurologic integration.


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Dr Russell Tagg, is a 1992 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Certified Masters level for Neurologic Integration System (NIS). Practicing in Kennewick, WA, USA