Your Inner Physician

Your Inner Physician



We really remember so little about how the human body works.  I say remember because anything we learn is more or less a discovery of something that’s been known before. When we have one of those “Aha!” moments and our understanding is expanded, we see more clearly the path to take with regard to our health.

Hello, I’m Dr Russell Tagg from Brainbodyconnect and I would like to introduce you to the greatest health care provider you will ever meet? 

It’s you…. Yes, you!  

You are the physician you have long been searching for!  What, you say you don’t “know” very much about health or healing or that you’ve tried “Everything?”  It’s time to look inside for a minute and meet your inner physician.

Your inner physician knows what to do to direct and control all 250,000,000,000 cells of your body to produce the best outcomes.  It uses the nervous system to regulate your hormones, heal cuts and bruises, soothe headaches, heal from infections, properly digest your food, regulate your blood pressure and heart rate and everything else your body does so well. It can even help you understand what treatments, diets or procedures that may help you the most with your specific needs.

Dysregulation of the nervous system is the root cause of your health care concerns. Dysregulation of the nervous system comes from stress, injury, poor diet, emotional upheaval, and an array of other stressful events. The primary job of our nervous system is maintaining homeostasis and our survival…at whatever the cost. Generally the cost comes in the form of ill health; usually some weird condition that traditional medical providers have little knowledge or experience in dealing with. The diagnoses are vague, outcomes are poor and treatment consists of a laundry list of toxic medications, risky surgery or psychotherapy!

If dysregulation of the nervous system is the cause of ill health, then what is the solution?  

A well regulated nervous system. 

May I introduce you to Neurologic Integration. It’s completely safe, non-manipulative, extremely specific and highly sustainable. Neurologic Integration addresses the root cause of nervous system dysregulation by locating a breakdown in communication between the brain and related structures and the organs and tissues of the body. This breakdown in communication is then restored using a simple, painless procedure. 

Health problems that have plagued people for months and years begin to heal immediately with a well regulated nervous system. I invite you to inquire about how Neurologic Integration can help regulate your nervous system and allow your inner physician heal your body. 


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Dr Russell Tagg, is a 1992 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. Certified Masters level for Neurologic Integration System (NIS). Practicing in Kennewick, WA, USA View more posts